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Xây dựng hệ chuyên gia hỗ trợ sỹ quan trực ca buồng lái ra quyết định điều động tàu tránh va trong các tình huống tồn tại nguy cơ đâm va trên biển

Bài viết xây dựng cơ sở tri thức (CSTT) về các tình huống tồn tại nguy cơ đâm va tàu với các dữ liệu thu thập được từ nhiều nguồn khác nhau. Trên cơ sở bộ CSTT thu được, nhóm xây dựng một Hệ chuyên hỗ trợ các sỹ quan trực ca buồng lái thông qua chế độ hội thoại và đồ họa nhằm trợ giúp sỹ quan trực ca buồng lái đưa ra các quyết định về điều động tàu tránh va tàu trong các tình huống tồn tại nguy cơ đâm va trên biển.

Điều khiển và giám sát động cơ servo trên LabVIEW sử dụng phần cứng arduino

Bài viết trình bày cách thức để tích hợp phần mềm LabVIEW với phần cứng của hãng Arduino và thực hiện mô hình ứng dụng trên cơ sở đã tích hợp thành công.

Kiểm chứng sự tương tác giữa các thành phần trong chương trình đa luồng sử dụng lập trình hướng khía cạnh

Cài đặt (chương trình) thường không tự sinh ra từ đặc tả nên nó có thể vẫn có lỗi mặc dù thiết kế của nó đã được kiểm chứng là đúng. Để giải quyết các vấn đề này, tác giả đã đề xuất một phương pháp kiểm chứng sự tuân thủ của cài đặt so với đặc tả vào thời điểm thực thi. Phương pháp này có thể kiểm chứng được sự nhất quán giữa chương trình Java và đặc tả giao thức tương tác của nó, các vi phạm được phát hiện trong bước kiểm thử.

Ứng dụng thuật toán tiến hóa đa mục tiêu trong thiết kế tối ưu kiến trúc mạng viễn thông

Bài viết này đề xuất cách tiếp cận sử dụng thuật toán tiến hóa đa mục tiêu (MOEA) để giải quyết bài toán thiết kế tối ưu kiến trúc mạng viễn thông (TND) với nhiều ràng buộc phức tạp, các mục tiêu của bài toán gồm các yếu tố chi phí và độ tin cậy. Mỗi cá thể trong quần thể là biểu diễn của một mô hình mạng (topology) có yếu tố chi phí được xác định nhờ thuật toán đơn hình trong bài toán quy hoạch tuyến tính (LP) và độ tin cậy được xác định nhờ thuật toán Monte Carlo...

Performance analysis of a real time adaptive prediction algorithm for traffic congestion

The performance of the prediction algorithms was analysed, and it was observed that the proposed schemes provide the best prediction results with a lower Mean Square Error than all other prediction algorithms when compared with the actual traffic congestion states.

Hybrid cat swarm optimization and simulated annealing for dynamic task scheduling on cloud computing environment

In this study, a Cloud Scalable Multi-Objective Cat Swarm Optimization-based Simulated Annealing algorithm is proposed. In the proposed method, the orthogonal Taguchi approach is applied to enhance the SA which is incorporated into the local search of the proposed CSMCSOSA algorithm for scalability performance.

Cloud based learning system for improving students’ programming skills and self-efficacy

In this study, three single-subject experiments were conducted using 40 undergraduate students enrolled in Web Programming course. The experiments compared the time students spent to solve programming tasks by using traditional learning method and CBLS. A survey to measure students’ selfefficacy was administered before and after the experiments.

A review on clustering with genetic algorithms

This paper presents a review on genetic algorithms based clustering techniques. Clustering is one of the most important tasks of data mining for exploring data sets. It can be used to extract useful and hidden information from the datasets. Clustering techniques have a large area of applications including bioinformatics, web use data analysis and image analysis etc.

A secure binomial tree

In this paper we propose a new method to manage secure group using binomial key tree approach. We show that number of encryptions performed and rekey messages constructed during membership change are less compared to the scheme proposed by Wong and others. In our scheme, it is not required to balance the tree after membership change.

Automatic content extraction from video using fuzzy ontology

In automatic extraction process, starts with object extraction process in video data. Objects extracted from consecutive representative frames are processed to extract related events. Event extraction process uses objects. Similarly, objects and events together are used for extracting concept.

Fault tolereane techniques and algorithms in cloud computing

In order to minimize failure impact on the system and application execution, failures should be anticipated and handle. Fault tolerance techniques are used to predict these failures and take an appropriate action before or after failures occur.

Defect detection in fabric images using two dimensional discrete wavelet transformation technique

In this paper, a method is proposed for recognizing defects in fabric image textures based on two dimensional discrete wavelet transformation techniques. The proposed approach applied to real fabric textures. The proposed algorithm shows good result to detect all types of defects occurred in fabric images. High detection rate and low computational complexity are advantages of this proposed approach.

Three level multimodal medical image fusion

The source medical images undergo a three level fusion process. Two different fusion rules based on phase congruency and directive contrast are proposed and used to fuse lowand high-frequency coefficients. Finally, the fused image is subjected to another combined fusion using Centralization Method.

A novel method for cloud and sensor networks integration services

The proposed ATRCM structure fulfills the three capacities: 1) checking CSP and SNP to avoid malicious impersonate assaults; 2) computing and managing trust and reputation with the service of CSP and SNP; and 3) assisting CSU pick desirable CSP and helping CSP in selecting suitable SNP. Detailed analysis and outline as well as further usefulness evaluation result are presented to show the effectiveness of ATRCM, followed with system security analysis.

Energy harvesting by intelligent node placement in WSN

The strategy proposed here is energy efficient due to the use of heterogeneous nodes of suitable sensing ranges. Energy is conserved by selecting an optimal set of nodes to provide the required coverage. We validate our claims through both analysis and simulations.

CDA: Combine health records based on genetic algorithm approach in cloud computing

Our system of CDA document creation and integration is based on cloud computing and the service is offered through Open API. Developers using different platforms thus can use our system to enhance interoperability. Cloud infrastructure with mapping software “health care information”

Application of recurrently decomposable bi-dimensional convolvers in digital video processing

Bi-dimensional convolution is a generally utilized operation in picture handling and PC vision, described by serious calculation and regular memory access. The proposed framework is recurrently decomposable (RD) guide plan technique for video handling that can diminish the computational multifaceted nature of Bi-dimensional convolutions by part the convolution between a picture and a huge masks converted into smaller convolution masks.

Energy aware hardware and software approaches in cloud environment

In the literature, number of hardware and software approaches are proposed to optimize the usage of the energy in the datacenter. Dynamic power management (DPM), Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS), thread motion, Asymmetric cores, virtualization, migration, consolidation, scheduling etc. are approaches which are used to optimize the usage of energy consumption. The goal of this paper is to provide an overview of these techniques to optimize the energy consumption.

A secure data access control for active groups in cloud data storage

In this paper, we have presented a secure group data access control paradigm driven by Diffe Hellman ciphering exchanges. An interesting extension to this work is the implementation of a time driven self destructing cloud group data sharing model that is a sender friendly approach that can deal with the problem of revocation in an automated approach.

A novel attribute based storage with secure deduplication in cloud

The greatest test for enormous information from a security perspective is the assurance of client's protection. Be that as it may, encoded information present new difficulties for cloud information de-duplication, which gets to be significant for huge information stockpiling and preparing in cloud.

Private data deduplication protocols cloud storage

This preventsknowledge run not only to revoked users despite the fact that they antecedently in hand that knowledge, however conjointly toassociate honest-butcurious cloud storage server. In addition, the planned theme guarantees knowledge integrity against any tag inconsistency attack.

Áp dụng chiến lược tiến hóa vi phân để nâng cao hiệu suất của điện toán đám mây

Bài báo này đề xuất một thuật toán lập lịch luồng công việc mới IODE nhằm cực tiểu hóa thời gian hoàn thành luồng công việc trong môi trường thực thi điện toán đám mây. Các thực nghiệm đã chỉ ra chất lượng lời giải của thuật toán IODE tốt hơn các thuật toán đối sánh là Random, PSO_H và EGA.

Replacing passwords with "passcodes"

In this paper, we try to introduce a pass code authentication where we facilitate users with password free authentication. This method can be treated as Load free or burden free for users as there is no need for the users to remember their passwords.

Survey on search engine optimization techniques to achieve high page rank

This art of improving a websites visibility in the body of search engines result is known as Search Engine Optimization. . In this paper, we will compare the various algorithms that affect Search Engine Optimization process.

Secure and verifiable coverage update outsourcing for huge information get access to control inside the cloud

Objects area unit protected by access management. When authenticating the user and receiving the request data from the topic, the access management element either grants or denies the request supported the provided data and therefore the authorization policy. The data needed for authorization and therefore the method of creating selections, completely different access management models may be enforced for varied functions.

Anomaly detection using genetic with SVM algorithm in data mining

In this paper, we present a novel method for the detection of network anomaly in intrusion detection system. The proposed detection algorithm, are called hybrid algorithm. It is combination of two algorithm genetic and SVM. Experimental results demonstrate to be superior to existing k-mean algorithm.

Offline marathi handwritten character recognition using SVM classifier based on cloud computing: Review

Freeman chain code histogram and Gradient feature extraction techniques are better because freeman chain code approach is robustness to small variation and easy to implement and the gradient technique can be easily used to gray scale images and are robust against image noise and edge direction fluctuation. SVM classifier is better than KNN and ANN classifier because of its complexity of training, flexibility, classification accuracy and complexity which is given bellow.

Elastic resource provisioning for applications in cloud computing

The objective of this paper is to present a study on Bin packing problem for resource provisioning in cloud. We are going to model it as Class constrained bin packing problem (CCBP) where each server is a bin, items are applications. The class constraint is the limit on the number of applications a server can run simultaneously.

Article on structure padding in C language

This paper is discussing about structures and the memory sizes which is required by the data members, the structure is holding more number of bytes than actual required number of bytes. This is also called as structure Padding. Here the way to reduce the memory size required for the members of the structure.

Study of component based software engineering

Component Based Software Engineering encompasses two parallel engineering activities: domain engineering and component based development. This paper studies about Components, Component based development, its advantages, disadvantages and comparison of Component Based Software engineering with Conventional Software Engineering.

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