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Kế hoạch tổ chức hoạt động trải nghiệm, hướng nghiệp ở trường trung học cơ sở hình thức thể nghiệm, tương tác - mạch nội dung hoạt động hướng đến xã hội

Mục tiêu của kế hoạch nhằm giúp học sinh thể hiện được hành vi văn minh nơi công cộng và trách nhiệm của bản thân với môi trường; hình thành tính kỷ luật và có trách nhiệm với môi trường sống. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo tài liệu để nắm chi tiết nội dung các bước lập kế hoạch để xây dựng các buổi hoạt động trải nghiệm bổ ích và thú vị cho các em học sinh.

On rule-of-law society in Vietnam

Rule-of-law society is a new issue, which should be studied in the theoretical terms. This paper, therefore, focuses on some theoretical aspects, including its concept, characteristics, core values, and relations; the methods, premises, and conditions for building and developing rule of law in Vietnam; the actual status of rule-of-law society in Vietnam; and recommendation to include points of view on building a rule-of-law society in the official documents of the upcoming 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Thought of Vietnamese nationalist party on national issues

Based on the Political Platform and Regulation of the Vietnamese Nationalist Party (VNP), this research paper analyses and clarifies the basic tenets of its political thought in order to answer the question of whether nationalism2 and national consciousness were the basis and the key element in the political thought of this party in the period prior to 1930 or not. It also brings to light the differences between the nationalism of the VNP and that of Sun Yat-sen, the founder and supreme leader of the Kuomintang in China.

Characteristics of population ageing process in vietnam and issue of caring for the elderly

The paper analyses some demographic and socio-economic characteristics associated with the current population ageing process in Vietnam and the needs for care for the elderly. Improved education and living standards allow families to take better care of the elderly. However, for many elderly people, accumulated assets are still not enough to take care of their lives. The proportion of elderly people increases coupled with a decreased rate of fertility, smaller household sizes, and limited level of financial accumulation, etc., has increased the demand for care for the elderly, while social services on this issue are limited with the family continuing to be the main institution of providing care for the elderly.

A situation analysis of disability in Nepal

Disability in the past was taken as the punishment by a god for some sin committed on the past life. Several religious leaders and saints have possessed mystic and healing powers, which have led to the cure of disability. There is an increase in the longevity of human in almost all countries due to control and cure of infectious disease by the use of antibiotics.

Contemporary Legal education in Nepal and relevance of its contributions

In the abstract the writer of this article intends to present a brief observation on and analysis of prevailing legal education and relevance of its contributions for developing Nepalese legal system and other sectors.

Effectiveness of master program: A case study of prithivi Narayan campus, T.U, Pokhaka

This paper examines the effectiveness of master programs run in Prithivi Narayan Campus from both financial and academic perspectives. None of the programs is cost effective; cost higher education measured in term of cost per student is relatively high.

Evaluation of a blended learning model for pre-service teachers

This study aims to determine the predictive factors for effective teaching in blended learning contexts. A Blended Learning Evaluation Scale was devised. The participants were 145 first-year students studying for education degrees using a blended learning model.

Nepal-India boundary issue river Kali as international boundary

The present dispute however, arose regarding the correct identification of river Kali and its place of origin since 1960s when India stationed its troops in Kalapani as a result of Indo-China war.

The effect of organisational climate on employees’ creative performance through knowledge sharing behaviour

Malaysia has achieved significant industrial growth over the years due to the enterprising intervention of multinational companies (MNCs). The organisational climate in terms of its collaborative nature and innovative efforts has led to the enhancement of creativity among MNCs. The extent of knowledge sharing behaviour within MNCs, particularly in the Malaysian context, has not been thoroughly researched. A huge primary survey involving 20 MNCs with 155 respondents from both manufacturing and service sectors was included in this study. The findings of the study reveal that knowledge donating and knowledge collecting highly and positively influence creative performance. Interestingly, knowledge collecting mediates the relationship between an innovative climate and creative performance while a collaborative climate was found to highly and positively influence MNCs’ creative performance through knowledge donating.

Bài thuyết trình Đói nghèo và môi trường

Bài thuyết trình Đói nghèo và môi trường tìm hiểu về lý luận chung về nghèo đói và môi trường; tình hình đói nghèo chung trên thế giới và Việt Nam; tác động của đói nghèo tới môi trường; tác động của môi trường tới đói nghèo; các giải pháp định hướng xóa đói giảm nghèo do môi trường gây nên.

Factors that influence learner engagement and completion rate in an xMOOC on energy and sustainability

In Mexico, there has been a rise in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) enrollments through platforms such as MexicoX. However, this rise in interest has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in completion rates. This article examines the factors that influence Mexican learners’ retention rates and learner engagement to determine the extent to which a student´s profile can predict his or her ability to engage with and complete an xMOOC on energy and sustainability. Correlation and multiple regression analysis methods were employed to analyze a sample dataset (n = 844) of participants who had completed the xMOOC.

Kenzaburo oe's a personal matter: A non-western perspective

In this context, despite being a philosophical or theoretical cannon, NonWestern is one of the perspectives of comparative literature in which the social, political, economic or cultural issues are evaluated from various positionalities. With this perspective, the literature produced by the writers representing the NonWestern societies or countries are incorporated in Non-Western literature with as much respect as those representing the so-called superior cultures produced by the writers belonging the respective cultures. Further, in Non-Western Literature, as a separate paper in the academic discipline, literary discourses representing the culture that lies beyond the European-American context are evaluated so as to explore the realities about them without depending on the mediated discourses produced by the aliens.

Knowledge geography for measuring the divergence in intellectual capital of Russia

Research results suggest that knowledge domain characteristics are formed irrespective of the population figures, whereas the development dynamics of small and medium-sized cities are specific. Smaller cities strive to be integrated into inter-regional and international collaboration in order to overcome the shortage of local resources. A limited gross volume of research output generated by small and medium-sized cities creates extreme indicator values as compared to the major cities and the national average. The study concludes with a typology of cities taking into account the specific features of knowledge generation dynamics.

Politics in the university decision-making

Politics tend to be regarded as the concern of central to the local governments to be associated strongly with the political parties that compete for votes at general, local and the national elections.

Knowledge acquisition and meaning-making in the participatory budgeting of local governments

The participatory budgeting of Brazilian municipalities is one of the most publicized examples of democracy-inaction that fosters citizenship knowledge acquisition in local government. This research adds two new perspectives to the participatory process. The first one demonstrates how knowledge is acquired and shared, and which are the new contextual conditions for this acquisition to happen, which we call, the knowledge acquisition process.

On work relevance of adult education: A case study narrative

The case study ultimately demonstrates how crucial the interplay between content and form of education on one hand and specific conditions facilitating changes and improvements at work on the other is for the relevance in formal higher education narrative.

Understanding knowledge creation processes among rural communities in post-conflict settings in Colombia

This study adapted the SECI model, which explains the conversion between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge through knowledge socialization (S), knowledge externalization (E), knowledge creation (C), and knowledge internalization (I) (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995). Considering the SECI Model as a theoretical referent in order to comprehend the KCP, Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) was used to build theory from the systematic analysis of data collected from July 2013 to January 2015.

The morphosyntax of relativization in Chhathare Limbu: A typological perspective

Chhathare is a dialect of Limbu, a Kiranti (Tibeto-Burman) language, spoken in Parts of the Dhankuta and Terhathum districts of the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. It is, however, unintelligible to speakers of other Limbu dialects but quite interestingly, its speakers can understand other Limbu dialects.

Nguyen Hoang’s role in land reclamation and expansion in Phu Yen

Nguyen Hoang (1525-1613) is a historic figure who deserved particular credit for the restoration of the Later Le dynasty and set the foundation for the southward territorial expansion and the establishment of “Đàng Trong” (Southern land, the region in Central Vietnam, which was later enlarged to become Cochinchina) during the period of the Nguyen lords. He was highly appreciated in the historical documents of not only the Nguyen but also the Later Le, who were in the mutually antagonistic relationship. Ruling the region as a lord, he created a new region named Phu Yen, extending the national territory one latitude southwards. On the occasion of the 400-year anniversary of Nguyen Hoang’s death, we would like to present some explanations so as to honour him as a predecessor of great credit for the national defence and territorial expansion.

Sidewalks in Hanoi today from a cultural perspective

This article shows that sidewalks in Hanoi provide both diverse and flexible livelihood spaces, open living spaces, specific social spaces, unique art spaces and as well as dynamic living memory spaces. At the same time, sidewalks are subject to multi-ownership and characterised by multifunctional spaces where multi-dimensional interactions between managers and people, and between people themselves take place. The above demonstrates the liveliness, diversity and complexity of the sidewalk cultural life. Sidewalks, therefore, play an extremely important role in the culture of Hanoi.

Social participation and proactiveness of middle-class families in Vietnam

The middle-class in Vietnam is now of considerable size, but its social participation and proactiveness remain limited. Middle-class families have not yet engaged much in activities which are socially constructive and critical. They pay more attention to aspects of daily life rather than macro-social issues. They often react to issues with “safer” and more neutral actions rather than socially-critical ones. A part of middle-class families is still apathetic or sceptical about the possibility to address social issues surrounding them. The explanation for such a situation is that the modern middle class in Vietnam has just been established and needs more time to develop and assert their social responsibility as well as self-awareness of social status and contributions to the current development of society.

The "Belt and Road" Initiative, one of China's initiatives, was developed from the end of 2013 and quickly paid special attention to by China's functional agencies in terms of its planning and implementation. At the same time, China also boosted diplomatic and promotion activities to invite countries along the corridor of the belt and road to participate in this initiative. At the 19th National Congress, the Communist Party of China (CPC) added the initiative to the revised Party's Constitution with an aim that its success will increase China's status and impacts on the global scale. This article assesses the status quo and prospects of this initiative after the CPC's 19th National Congress.

A path analysis of five-factor personality traits, self-efficacy, academic locus of control and academic achievement among online students

This study tests the direct and indirect effects of online learners’ personality traits, self-efficacy, and academic locus of control variables on grade point average (GPA) via path analysis.

Factors affecting learning disabilities in mathematics: A study of central region of Nepal

The students whose achievement lagged behind their intellectual potential presents a serious problem to the parents, society and finally to the nation; instead of being the contributing members they turn out to be social problem and get involved in the most common social malaise-student on rest. Describing groups who have average or above average intelligence continuously failing to maintain normal progress in school subjects as learning disabled students, the teacher education programs in western countries like U.S.A. and Europe started the identification, diagnosis and serve them since 1963.

Investigating the impact of an adventure-based 3D solar system game on primary school learning process

Teachers face many difficulties in the motivation, engagement, and improvement of learning outcomes for students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In this paper, we present a research study on the learning experience of a new interactive educational 3D video game called Final Frontier, designed for primary school students. This game supports student knowledge acquisition on two Solar System planets Mercury and Venus, and a satellite - Moon through direct experience, interactive challenges and fun. This article compares the learning impact of the computer game-based learning approach with a classic teacher-based learning approach. User experience with the game and game usability are also evaluated. A case study that involved 53 children was conducted for the evaluation.

Political influence: A culture in university decision-making

Higher educational organization, established, maintained and aided by the government in socio-economically and educationally least developed country, have come under the direct secrutiny and supervision of government. It is often argued that universities, created by Acts passed by the legislature and supported by government funds, are often financially and politically controlled by the government. Besides, appointing the chief executive of the university, the government controls the administrative and decision-making power of the university.

Relationship between aggressive behaviour and parenting style

The present study investigated on how the aggressive behaviour is related to parenting style. The study was conducted on 400 adolescents of Ludhiana district of Punjab state. Buss-Durkee aggression scale, Hindi adaptation by Sultania was used for the assessment of aggressive behaviour of respondents. Parenting scale by Bhardwaj, Sharma and Garg (1998) was used to study parenting style used by parents.

Vision and mission of management education in Nepal

Management education was introduced in Nepal in the year 1954 to cater to the needs of trained manpower to banks, government agencies and industrial and commercial sector in general.

Changes of Catholicism and their impacts on sustainable development in Vietnam at present

In this paper, the changes of Catholicism are reviewed in the political, cultural, environmental, and socio-economic aspects. Both positive and negative impacts caused by the changes on sustainable development in Vietnam are analysed.

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