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Giáo trình Chứng chỉ quản trị mạng Linux

Giáo trình này nhằm giúp các bạn sinh viên sau có thể cài đặt và sử dụng hệ điều hành Linux (phiên bản mới nhất của RedHat) và thực thi được các thao tác tạo tập tin, thư mục, quản lý người dùng, cấp quyền hạn sử dụng tài nguyên, soạn thảo văn bản bằng các công cụ, chia sẻ tài nguyên thông qua dịch vụ Samba, đặt hạn ngạch để giới hạn sử dụng tài nguyên đĩa cứng. Cấu hình và quản trị các dịch vụ mạng trên hệ thống Linux như: DNS, FTP, WEB, MAIL, PROXY, tổ chức hệ thống cho phép người dùng có thể làm việc từ xa qua Web, SSH, Telnet.

Giáo trình Hệ điều hành mạng Windows 2000 Server: Phần 1

Giáo trình Hệ điều hành mạng Windows 2000 Server: Phần 1 trình bày một số nội dung chính sau: Những khái niệm cơ bản của hệ điều hành mạng Windows, thiết lập mạng theo mô hình Workgroup, thiết lập mạng theo mô hình vùng,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 1

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 1 trình bày một số khái niệm, định nghĩa cơ bản và cơ sở lý thuyết thông tin áp dụng cho các hệ mật mã khóa bí mật, các thuật toán mật mã khóa bí mật bao gồm các thuật toán hoán vị, thay thế và các thuật toán kết hợp mà chủ yếu là DES và AES. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 2

Nối tiếp phần 1 của giáo trình "An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu" phần 2 tiếp tục trình bày các nội dung chính sau: Các thuật toán cơ bản trong mật mã khóa công khai bao gồm các các hệ mật RSA, MerkleHellman, Rabin, ElGamal, hệ mật trên đường cong Elliptic và hệ mật McEliece, hàm băm và chữ ký số, các ứng dụng trong việc xác thực và đảm bảo tính toàn vẹn của dữ liệu. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Giáo trình Hệ điều hành mạng Windows 2000 Server: Phần 2

Giáo trình Hệ điều hành mạng Windows 2000 Server: Phần 2 tiếp tục trình bày các nội dung chính sau: DHCP và WINS trên windows 2000 Server, đảm bảo an toàn hệ thống, bảo mật hệ thống, dịch vụ cấp phát địa chỉ IP động, bổ sung máy chủ WINS, virus máy tính,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Role of wan optimization solutions in overcoming limitations of TCP performance in Ad-Hoc Networks

his paper focuses on the feasibility, advantages and disadvantages of making use of contemporary WAN optimization technologies to overcome the challenges of degrading the performance of TCP in Ad-Hoc Networks. Moreover, the paper will also highlight the significance of the use of Ad-hoc networks by end users in accessing various cloud based services.

Distributed backup of user profiles for information retrieval

This paper presents a technic of safeguard and of implicit construction of the user profile that is part of a distributed backup approach and a formal construction method using the user behavior as a source for predicting implicitly its need.

Utilization of ECDLP for constructing a new certificate based digital signature

The proposed scheme’s security is proven under the elliptic curve discrete logarithm assumption in the random oracle model. Results of comparing our scheme with existing pairing-free certificate-based signature schemes, shows that ours has much lower computational cost.

Application of wireless sensor network to make transportation fleet information systems smart

The result is to obtain network more stability and optimal energy consumption. The new protocol was tested on real characteristics of more than 600 traffic signs in the city of Hamedan, run in MTALAB software. The findings are examined here.

A model for protecting online banking using transaction monitoring

In this paper we will analyze the level of security in different authentication factor and will provide a new model to enhance the financial security based on user transaction monitoring.

Giao thức TCP vegas

Nội dung bài báo trình bày phiên bản cải tiến của TCP Reno. Việc nghiên cứu giao thức TCP vegas để cải tiến độ tin cậy, tắc nghẽn, định tuyến lại một cách rõ ràng hơn. Trong các giao thức thì giao thức TCP là giao thức truyền thông được sử dụng phổ biến nhất trong mạng Internet. Trong phần lớn lưu lượng trên mạng Internet, lưu lượng TCP/IP đóng góp một phần đáng kể vì phần lớn ứng dụng trên mạng Internet. Do vậy, có thể thấy rằng hiệu năng của TCP/IP sẽ có ảnh hưởng lớn đến hiệu năng của mạng và trực tiếp ảnh hưởng đến chất lượng dịch vụ của mạng.

Hybrid of genetic algorithm and continuous ant colony optimization for optimum solution

This research proposes a hybrid approach by combining genetic algorithm (GA) and Continuous Ant Colony Optimization (CACO) to find optimum solutions, using a continuous ant colony algorithm as a mutation of genetic algorithm; the performance of the hybrid algorithm is illustrated using three test functions. The results show the efficiency and capabilities of the new hybrid algorithm in finding the optimum solutions.

Secure wireless text message transmission with the implementation of RSA cryptographic algorithm

This paper presents a simulation based study of a wireless communication system with the implementation of secured asymmetric RSA cryptographic encryption/decryption algorithm on text message transmission. The system under investigation incorporates 2/3-rated CRC channel coding and QPSK digital modulation over an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel. For tackling the security problems a text message is first RSA encrypted at the transmitter while it is decrypted at the receiver end and compared for different levels of SNR.

MadCD: A mobile agent based distributed clone detection method in mobile WSNs

In this paper the Macdc method is proposed to encounter the replication attacks using mobile agent technology in mobile WSNs. The mobile agents are used to aware every node from its trustworthy neighbors, so nodes do not interact with malicious nodes. The analysis and simulation results prove the effectiveness and efficiency of proposed Macdc method which also reduces the comparisons overhead.

Securing patient privacy in e health cloud using homomorphic encryption and access control

In this paper, a Secured e-Health System called SECHA is proposed. SECHA comprises of five basic component namely; patient, PHR/object, Access Control Module, User/Subject and Cloud. This proposed system ensure the security of electronic health records stored in the cloud using Homomorphic Encryption to secure patients medical records and Bilayer Access Control to gives access right to the records.

Design and implementation an online location based services using google maps for android mobile

This paper introduces an application for android mobile, which is implemented to provide the android mobile user to add, remove and review specific locations on the online map. The proposed applications also presents the basics navigation operations like showing directions with the optimal path between source and destination and calculating the distance and expected driving time.

Management of confidentiality of cryptosystems using linear codes a bird’s eye view

In this paper, we investigate the management of confidentiality in terms of security notions of McEliece cryptosystem, the first encryption scheme using linear codes, proposed on the basis of the hard problems in coding theory and its variants in the provably secure approach. The original McEliece is only a one way function. Therefore to obtain the higher notions of security, modifications on the original scheme are proposed.

Vehicle classification using novel edge detection technique

In this paper we classify the vehicles into three main broad categories: A) Light vehicle B) Medium Vehicle C) Heavy Vehicle. Firstly, the image pre-processing is done with the gray-scale conversion and filtering of the image. Then with the help of fuzzy logic based novel edge detection technique we detect the edges to get the shape and size of the vehicle and classify the vehicle.

Performance analysis of multimedia traffic over MPLS communication networks with traffic engineering

This paper evaluated the performance measures such as delay variation, delay, page response time, throughput, and packet drop for different types of traffic (voice, video, data) in their movement in a congested network for both MPLS-TE and conventional IP network. OPNET modeler is used to simulate the both networks, the simulation study is conducted in this paper; It is a means to illustrate the benefits of using MPLS-TE for multimedia applications.

Effect of noise on hidden data

This paper simulates an effective data hiding technique i.e. steganography based on LSB insertion and RSA encryption in order to provide seven million times better security than the previous work. The Main idea of proposed scheme is to encrypt secret data by RSA 1024 algorithm, convert it in to binary sequence bit and then embedded into each cover pixels by modifying the least significant bits (LSBs) of cover pixels. The result image is also known as steganography image.

Wireless networks in hospitals; a framework of use and implementation for nursing care

The purpose of current study is presenting a framework for implementation of wireless networks in hospitals to use in nursing care. In the proposed framework, implementation key aspects that include the purpose, application domains, and the functions of wireless terminals, network technology, mobile devices, user interface and the information structure of the system have described in the logical framework. Because, the framework has presented based on scientific principles and the experiences of other countries, it can be an appropriate framework for future efforts in this field.

Monitoring and analyzing system activities using high interaction honeypot

This is what distinguishes it from traditional intrusion detection systems. Still Denial of Service (DoS) attacks pose a major challenge in the online world to this day. DoS attacks characterized by many features such as easy to launch, and a large-scale, used by novices to the presence of tools based attacks .Therefore, most of the research’s concerned with disclosure of denial of service attacks. In this work a high interaction honeypot is designed to detect Denial of Service attacks by analyzing packets and extracting their features, by applying one of decision tree algorithm (C4.5) to detect attacks.

A cloud computing architecture with wireless sensor networks for agricultural applications

The emergence of precision agriculture has been promoted by the many developments in the field of wireless sensor actor networks (WSAN). These WSANs provide valuable information for harvesting, work management, growth of crops, and prevention of crop diseases. This paper focuses on introducing cloud computing as a new approach to be used in addition to WSANs to further enhance their application and benefits to the field of agriculture.

Packet sniffer – A comparative study

This paper gives a brief introduction of what is a packet sniffer, its structure and what is its working. Then key features of top packet sniffing tools (i.e. Wireshark, TCPdump and Colasoft Capsa) are discussed. Further, the above tools are compared on the basis of characteristic behaviour and quantitative parameters. Finally, one gets the best tool amongst these three in a particular situation.

Design of a neural controller applied a level system in hart protocol

This paper presents a design of a neural controller for industrial level systems. The level process has an asymmetric dynamic and its control is not a simple process of performing. This work presents an advanced control technique using intelligent control with artificial neural networks. The proposal is to implement a network of multilayer perceptron with a PI controller for controlling a level system based on a SMAR® didactic plant with Hart protocol.

A new approach for beaconless geographical routing in wireless sensor networks

In this paper a novel approach for beaconless geographic routing (NBGR) is proposed. NBGR acts in two modes: a main mode and recovery mode. In the main mode three kinds of control message RTS, CTS and SELECT is used. Thus a forwarder node broadcast an RTS and sets a timer. The neighbors in the positive progress area (PPA) that receive the RTS set a timer with appropriate delay function independently.

Wormhole attack in wireless sensor network

In this paper, we analyze the nature of wormhole attack in ad hoc and wireless sensor networks and existing methods of the defending mechanism to detect wormhole attacks without require any specialized hardware.

Advanced entry level protection system for theft

In this project, the microcontroller used is PIC 16, where it sends data to the computer to activate the camera when the microcontroller receives signals from PIR. MAX232 is used as an interface circuit connecting the microcontroller to the computer. To develop software for the control circuits, software MATLAB is used because the software supports microcontroller PIC 16.

Issues in data mining and information retrieval

The choice of a particular combination of techniques to apply in a particular situation depends on the nature of the data mining task, the nature of the available data, and the skills and preferences of the data miner.

An effective analysis of weblog files to improve website performance

In this paper we propose an effective and enhanced data preprocessing methodology which produces an efficient usage patterns and reduces the size of weblog down to 75-80% of its initial size. The experimental results are also shown in the following chapters.

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