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Measuring efficiency of a university faculty using a hierarchical network data envelopment analysis model

The results show that none of the faculties is relatively efficient since its functions were found to be inefficient. The proposed model enables to help the management of university faculties to identify weaknesses of each function and thus to plan for suitable actions on improving the overall performance of the university.

A fiction work on fuzzy based cancer gene identification through clustering

This paper proposed the cancer identification methods and evaluated them based on the computation time, classification accuracy and ability to reveal biologically meaningful gene information. This paper highlights the cancer gene identification using the Modified Fuzzy C-Means algorithm that is used efficiently in this work and examined with better results.

An enhanced learning topic model for exploiting document relationships using classification and regression

This model identifies underlying semantic structure of a document collection from word to topic and topic to document quickly, effectively without human intervention. Initially, this model creates the topics based on Dirichlet Distribution using vector space model.

Analysis of data hiding with ads in NTFS

A suspect hides the data in these files so that they are not accessible to anyone. There are various ways to hide the data in NTFS file system. This paper discusses about the hiding the data on the NTFS file system with alternate data stream.

Integration of heterogeneous databases based on XML

In this paper we start with a brief summary of the existing approaches commonly used in heterogeneous database integration followed by a new and unique approach of integration of heterogeneous databases based on XML. Compared to conventional models, this model is simple, efficient and cost effective and hence can be widely used in businesses spread across multiple locations.

Cluster based data distribution techniques for leakage detection

Data security is the very important thing in recent years. One organization has to share the data with other for business purpose. The owner of the data can also be called as data distributer and the other business organization can also be called as data agents. Agents should not share the important business data with other agents or third-party. How to detect who among the agents are guilty and done data leakage is challenging issue.

Nhận dạng cảm xúc trong video sử dụng mạng nơ ron tích chập

Bài viết đề xuất một phương pháp trích xuất dữ liệu nhận dạng mới phù hợp với yêu cầu phân lớp và nhận dạng cảm xúc trong video. Đồng thời, chúng tôi cũng đề xuất một mô hình phân lớp dựa trên ứng dụng và cải tiến mô hình học sâu tiên tiến hiện nay là mạng nơ ron tích chập.

A review paper on joint data hiding and compression scheme based on SMVQ and image inpainting

This paper covers many hiding and compression techniques like vector quantization (VQ), side match vector quantization (SMVQ), histogram shifting technique, locally adaptive data compression technique, and many more. But the topic of our interest is side match vector quantization.

Efficient keyword query suggestion on document proximity using LKRS

To set our current mechanism as scalable, we suggest a partition based approach that outplays the baseline algorithm by up to an offer the magnitude. The appropriateness of the current framework and the achievement of the algorithms are check out real locations data.

A cloud based security management scheme for home area network (HAN) in the smart grid

The HAN energy management system (HAN ems) and Smart Grid energy management system (SG ems) are moved to cloud through virtualization technique, where the cloud provides monitoring and control of smart home appliances. Since the HAN communication with the cloud involves private data from home, security and privacy of that data are deemed important factors. In this paper, we have spilled light on the management of security for HAN smart appliances and data exchanged between the HAN ems at cloud and smart meter system at home through cryptographic mechanisms.

Efficient data access in WSN using AVGDRA scheme

This system also increase the lifetime of sensor nodes using an efficient AVGDRA(Advanced Virtual Grid Dynamic Route Adjustment) routing scheme. In this scheme a limited number of nodes to readjust their data delivery routes toward the mobile sink.

A review on various clustering techniques in data mining

Clustering is an unsupervised learning problem which is used to determine the intrinsic grouping in a set of unlabeled data [3]. The grouping of objects is done on the principle of maximizing the intra-cluster similarity and minimizing the inter-cluster similarity in such a way that the objects in the same group/cluster share some similar properties/traits [4].

Survey on structure and structure content classification of XML document

In this work, our objective is to give a survey on the classification of XML documents. As XML documents are basically text documents containing the content and structure information, they can be classified based on i) structure only and ii) a combination of both structure and content. This paper gives a brief survey based on this classification.

Ant colony optimization based scheduling for load balancing in partition and aggregation of map reduce for big data applications

In our proposed system, introduced new meta heuristic algorithm to perform the load balancing. The Ant Colony Optimization algorithm (ACO) is a probabilistic technique for solving computational problems which can be reduced to finding good paths through graphs.

Content based image retrieval using combined features of color and texture features with SVM classification

The combined features which are made up of 32 histogram values,64 color correlogram values, 6 color moment values and 48 texture features are extracted to both query and database images. The extracted feature vector of the query image is compared with extracted feature vectors of the database images to obtain the similar images. The main objective this work is classification of image using SVM algorithm.

Giao thức điều khiển truy cập môi trường dựa trên vô tuyến song công toàn phần cho truyền thông trực tuyến D2D

Bài viết tập trung vào việc thiết kế cải tiến giao thức điều khiển truy cập môi trường trên nền vô tuyến song công toàn phần. Để đánh giá ưu điểm của giao thức đề xuất, bài viết so sánh với các giao thức MAC trước đó.

English-marathi cross language information retrieval system based on query translation approach

The query language will be in English and documents will be retrieved from Marathi documents collection. English query translation will be done dictionary based approach. To improve performance of the proposed system, query expansion using WordNet and pre-processing techniques will be employed to get good precision and recall.

Improved privacy of cloud storage data users by using enhanced data access control scheme for multi authority cloud storage

That is it cannot limit the data access control to the authorized users. In this work a novel algorithm namely Privacy enhanced Data Access Control Scheme is proposed to overcome the problem exist in the existing work. In the existing work data access control is limited to the user from the unauthorized users whereas in the proposed algorithm aim to limit the data access control to the authorized user.

A blockchain based access control for big data

In this paper we contribute to reinforcing the security of Big Data platforms by proposing a blockchain-based access control framework. We define the concept of blockchain and breakdown the mechanism and principles of the access control framework.

Novel chaotic system for color image encryption using random permutation

There are various encryption methods to secure image from unauthorized parties. This paper is an implementation of a color image encryption algorithm based on a novel three dimensional chaotic system using a random permutation technique.

Big data for the enterprise

This paper discusses big data for enterprise; an explanation is included on what it is and its benefit. Also, it mentions how Facebook takes advantage of big data and some useful tools to use for it like Tableau and Rapid Miner.

Big data: Concepts, approaches and challenges

This paper presents an overview of Big Data and highlights different types of Big Data analytics as well as the concepts and approaches to their implementation. It serves as a starting point for individuals and organizations, who are interested in this technology. The Big data challenges discussed are Scale, Performance, Continuous Availability, Workload Diversity, Data Security, Manageability and Cost.

Effect of noise on hidden data

This paper simulates an effective data hiding technique i.e. steganography based on LSB insertion and RSA encryption in order to provide seven million times better security than the previous work. The Main idea of proposed scheme is to encrypt secret data by RSA 1024 algorithm, convert it in to binary sequence bit and then embedded into each cover pixels by modifying the least significant bits (LSBs) of cover pixels. The result image is also known as steganography image.

Issues in data mining and information retrieval

The choice of a particular combination of techniques to apply in a particular situation depends on the nature of the data mining task, the nature of the available data, and the skills and preferences of the data miner.

A new technique for image compression using PCA

Generally the methods have been used in face recognition and processing a group of images which belongs to similar objects, such as face image databases. In this paper a new method is introduced to compress one coloured image using PCA technique.

Hình thành kĩ năng thu thập dữ liệu cho sinh viên ngành tin học thông qua môn Phân tích và thiết kế hệ thống thông tin

Bài viết này trình bày một số phương pháp giúp sinh viên hình thành kĩ năng thu thập dữ liệu thông qua môn học Phân tích và thiết kế hệ thống thông tin nhằm xây dựng được kiến thức cơ bản về thu thập dữ liệu cho sinh viên ngành tin học.

Column oriented DBMS an approach

This data base differs from the traditional databases with regards to performance, storage requirements and ease of modification of the schema. This new technology for high performance was introduced to data warehousing by Sybase. Sybase IQ is leading the industry over other rivals , one such emerging rival is Vertica .

Xếp hạng câu trả lời trong các trang web hỏi đáp cộng đồng

Trong nghiên cứu này tập trung giải quyết bài toán xếp hạng lại các câu trả lời của người dùng trong các trang web hỏi đáp cộng đồng.Chúng tôi thực hiện trích rút nhiều loại đặc trưng quan trọng từ mỗi cặp câu hỏi – câu trả lời nhằm đánh giá chính xác sự liên quan giữa chúng, sau đó chúng tôi xây dựng mô hình để phân loại và xếp hạng các câu trả lời theo độ liên quan của chúng với câu hỏi. Các kết quả thực nghiệm trên bộ dữ liệu cung cấp bởi SemEval 2016 cho thấy những đề xuất của chúng tôi cho kết quả cao hơn so với các nghiên cứu trước đó.

Research and development a set of multiple choice questions in online graphic for computer architecture module

Objective tests in assessments have been used in most undergraduate courses. Many issues arise in the development of multiple sets of tests such as difficulty, multiple choice type and multiple choice form. Graphical tests are a matter of concern for enhancing virtual interoperability and enhancing teaching quality. This paper introduces how to use Macromedia Flash software in creating multiple-choice graphic questions in a number of different forms. On that basis, we have used to build a graphic problem set for Computer Architecture.

Tối ưu quá trình học cây quyết định cho bài toán phân lớp theo cách tiếp cận khoảng mờ lớn nhất

Trong bài báo này, đề xuất khái niệm khoảng mờ lớn nhất để xây dựng phương pháp học quy nạp cây quyết định mờ HAC4.5*, nhằm thu được cây quyết định mờ đạt được tối thiểu về số nút trên cây nhưng có khả năng dự đoán cao.

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