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Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 1

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 1 trình bày một số khái niệm, định nghĩa cơ bản và cơ sở lý thuyết thông tin áp dụng cho các hệ mật mã khóa bí mật, các thuật toán mật mã khóa bí mật bao gồm các thuật toán hoán vị, thay thế và các thuật toán kết hợp mà chủ yếu là DES và AES. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 2

Nối tiếp phần 1 của giáo trình "An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu" phần 2 tiếp tục trình bày các nội dung chính sau: Các thuật toán cơ bản trong mật mã khóa công khai bao gồm các các hệ mật RSA, MerkleHellman, Rabin, ElGamal, hệ mật trên đường cong Elliptic và hệ mật McEliece, hàm băm và chữ ký số, các ứng dụng trong việc xác thực và đảm bảo tính toàn vẹn của dữ liệu. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Securing patient privacy in e health cloud using homomorphic encryption and access control

In this paper, a Secured e-Health System called SECHA is proposed. SECHA comprises of five basic component namely; patient, PHR/object, Access Control Module, User/Subject and Cloud. This proposed system ensure the security of electronic health records stored in the cloud using Homomorphic Encryption to secure patients medical records and Bilayer Access Control to gives access right to the records.

Management of confidentiality of cryptosystems using linear codes a bird’s eye view

In this paper, we investigate the management of confidentiality in terms of security notions of McEliece cryptosystem, the first encryption scheme using linear codes, proposed on the basis of the hard problems in coding theory and its variants in the provably secure approach. The original McEliece is only a one way function. Therefore to obtain the higher notions of security, modifications on the original scheme are proposed.

Vehicle classification using novel edge detection technique

In this paper we classify the vehicles into three main broad categories: A) Light vehicle B) Medium Vehicle C) Heavy Vehicle. Firstly, the image pre-processing is done with the gray-scale conversion and filtering of the image. Then with the help of fuzzy logic based novel edge detection technique we detect the edges to get the shape and size of the vehicle and classify the vehicle.

Monitoring and analyzing system activities using high interaction honeypot

This is what distinguishes it from traditional intrusion detection systems. Still Denial of Service (DoS) attacks pose a major challenge in the online world to this day. DoS attacks characterized by many features such as easy to launch, and a large-scale, used by novices to the presence of tools based attacks .Therefore, most of the research’s concerned with disclosure of denial of service attacks. In this work a high interaction honeypot is designed to detect Denial of Service attacks by analyzing packets and extracting their features, by applying one of decision tree algorithm (C4.5) to detect attacks.

Advanced entry level protection system for theft

In this project, the microcontroller used is PIC 16, where it sends data to the computer to activate the camera when the microcontroller receives signals from PIR. MAX232 is used as an interface circuit connecting the microcontroller to the computer. To develop software for the control circuits, software MATLAB is used because the software supports microcontroller PIC 16.

Use of decision trees and attributional rules in incremental learning of an intrusion detection model

In this paper, we propose a Learnable Model for Anomaly Detection (LMAD), as an ensemble real-time intrusion detection model using incremental supervised machine learning techniques. Such techniques are utilized to detect new attacks. The proposed model is based on making use of two different machine learning techniques, namely, decision trees and attributional rules classifiers.

Hybrid approach using intrusion detection system

In this research article, we have proposed a new technique that will tackle with all these different intrusion attacks. We propose a hybrid kind of approach that might be useful while facing these vicious network intrusion attacks.

Perfection of recent attacks using IP

In this paper, we study a new class of attacks, the invisible LOCalization (iLOC) attack. The iLOC attack can accurately and invisibly localize monitors of ITM systems. In the iLOC attack, the attacker launches low-rate port-scan traffic, encoded with a selected pseudo noise code (PN-code), to targeted networks. Mời các bạn tham khảo!

Secure mutual authentication protocol

In this paper, we have proposed a Secured password based mutual authentication protocol for client-sever computing using elliptic curve cryptography. The proposed framework provides mutual authentication and session key agreement in client-sever environment. It provides secure communication between client and server with help of user email-id and mobile phone as authentication device for mobile hand held device.

Eloba chaotic keystream cipher: implementation, analysis and performance

In our paper, we describe eLoBa architecture, based on Lorenz chaotic system. We also analyze one important security issue of keystream cryptographic systems, the cycle length. Finally, we compare eLoBa against several cryptographic systems, for its performance on a authentication service implementation on a resource constraint smart-card.

A fuzzy model for network intrusion detection

The network intrusion becomes ever growing problem. The complexity present in the collected network data set is absence of clear boundary between anomaly connection and normal connection. However fuzzy logic can well address this problem. In earlier works, combining fuzzy logic and data mining to develop fuzzy rules are explored to address this problem. In this paper, a new fuzzy model is developed to detect anomaly connections. The developed model is tested with NSLKDD data set. The model gives better result.

Intrusion detection system based on 802.11 specific attacks

The resulting detectors were efficient and accurate in detecting network attacks at the network and transport layers, but unfortunately, not capable of detecting 802.11-specific attacks such as deauthentication attacks or MAC layer DoS attacks.

DOS attacks on TCP/IP layers in WSN

In contrast to this crucial objective of sensor network management, a Denial of Service (DoS) attack targets to degrade the efficient use of network resources and disrupts the essential services in the network. DoS attack could be considered as one of the major threats against WSN security. Further, various DoS attacks on different layers of OSI are proposed.

An advance security technique challenges to government in wireless sensor network for health

In this paper, we outline prototype systems spanning application domains from physiological and activity monitoring the urban and rural hospitals and behavioral works and emphasize ongoing treatment challenges to the patient day to day and that information will be available in centrally. Then any moments the higher authorities can able to verify.

The security of information in financial transactions via mobile: Algorithms

Toolkit SIM applications are identified and described in this article based on a systematic review. In addition, there are some recommendations regarding to suit different situations to implement a particular algorithm for this issue. More results are subsequently explained in this paper.

Cryptosystem an implementation of RSA using verilog

In this paper, we present a new structure to develop 64-bit RSA encryption engine on FPGA that can be used as a standard device in the secured communication system. The RSA algorithm has three parts i.e. key generation, encryption and decryption. The algorithm also requires random prime numbers so a primality tester is also design to meet the needs of the algorithm. We use right-to-left-binary method for the exponent calculation.

A practical and extendible vanets privacypreserving system

In this paper, we introduce a practical VANETs Privacy-Preserving System which aims to the prior location and identity privacy protecting. We propose the architecture and do some close analysis about that.

Intelligent public transport system with information forensics and security

In this System passenger can get information about all buses, routes, timings of buses and all stops in any particular route. This system includes two phases. One is for user and other for administrator. At user side, user can request for information about all buses, routes, timings of buses and all stops in any particular route using Wi-Fi or GPRS technology from his mobile or PDA.

Various authentication tecniques for security enhancement

Keeping in the view, the importance of the authentication systems, we analyze various authentication techniques in our paper. And try to find out various advantages and disadvantages of various authentication systems. This paper gives the emphasis on the various issues involved in the various authentication techniques.

Phát hiện lọc bỏ nhanh các gói tin giả mạo trong tấn công mạng TCP SYN Flood

Trong nghiên cứu này, đề xuất một thuật toán phát hiện và lọc bỏ nhanh các gói tin giả mạo mà sử dụng rất ít tài nguyên hệ thống và đạt tỷ lệ phát hiện rất cao.

Ebook Mobile application security

(BQ) Chapters will allow you to fully grasp many of the technical issues introduced in the top 15 list as well as a few new ones. For example, although SMS is not a mobile application, it is used heavily by many mobile applications today, even for security purposes.

Ebook Hacking for dummies

(BQ) Ebook Hacking for dummies (new version) provides you with the knowledge to implement an ethical hacking program successfully along with countermeasures that you can put in place to keep external hackers and malicious users out of your business.

Ebook Buffer overflow attacks

(BQ) This book on buffer overflows can’t deliver that hacker high with knowledge alone. Work along with the chapters and you’ll find that you can’t stop fiddling with your exploit when it’s not working right.You’ll give up food, sleep, or money to make it that much cleaner. My belief is this: In the end, an exploit is a complex statement of truth.

Ebook Hacking: Computer hacking for beginners, how to hack, and understanding computer security

(BQ) This book covers the topic of Computer hacking, what it is, and how you can learn to hack. You will learn about the difference between white hat and black hat hacking, and be given some information on how to secure yourself against hackers.

Ebook Xss attacks: Cross site scripting attacks xss exploits and defense

(BQ) The JavaScript programming language hit the scene, an unknown harbinger of cross-site scripting, which changed the Web applicaation security landscape forever. JavaScript enabled Web developers to create interactive Web page effects including image rollovers, floating menus, and the despised pop-up window.

Ebook No tech hacking: A guide to social egineering dumpster diving, and shoulder surfing

(BQ) In this book Johnny presents eye-opening exploits that security professionals must take into consideration. In their haste to complete tasks and move along to the next topic, many security managers are overlooking simple fl aws that render their high-dollar technologies, useless.

Ebook Hacking: How to hack computer - Basic security and penetration testing

(BQ) This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to have better security when it comes to using your computer and making sure that it is protected against malicious hackers.

Ebook Hacking: Beginner's to intermediate how to hack guide to computer hacking, penetration testing and basic security

(BQ) This book, give you an overview of hacking and penetration testing, show you how it’s done, and then I’m going to tell you how to keep your systems secure so that you can’t be hacked!

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