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Đề xuất phương pháp kết hợp ẩn mã với mật mã không sửa vật phủ

Bài viết này sẽ giới thiệu một phương pháp kết hợp ẩn mã với mật mã không những nâng cao được dung lượng nhúng mà còn không hề thay đổi vật phủ.

Bộ bảo mật IP (IPSec) tốc độ cao 10Gbps trên FPGA

Bài viết đề xuất thực hiện một bộ bảo mật dữ liệu IPSec trên FPGA Xilinx Virtex-6. Giao thức bảo mật IP (IPSec) là một giao thức quan trọng trong giao thức bảo mật mạng được sử dụng trong lớp IP. Thông thường các bộ bảo mật IPSec đều được thực hiện bằng phần mềm như trên Windows hoặc Linux, trong IPSec các bộ xử lý, mã hóa và xác thực chiếm nhiều thời gian xử lý của CPU do đó rất khó thực hiện hệ thống IPSec tốc độ cao.

New key expansion function of rijndael 128-bit resistance to the related-key attacks

This paper presents a method to improve the key schedule of Rijndael 128-bit for the purpose of making it more resistance to the related-key differential and boomerang attacks. In this study, two statistical tests, namely the Frequency test and the Strict Avalanche Criterion test were employed to respectively evaluate the properties of bit confusion and bit diffusion

Bảo mật mạng local area network dựa trên tiêu chuẩn 802.1X

Bài viết muốn giới thiệu một tiêu chuẩn chứng thực người dùng để giải quyết vấn đề bảo mật trên cơ sở hạ tầng mạng LAN và WLAN (Wireless LAN). Tiêu chuẩn 802.1X được định nghĩa bởi IEEE, hỗ trợ việc điều khiển truy cập phương tiện truyền dẫn, khả năng cho phép hay cấm sự kết nối mạng, điều khiển truy cập VLAN và triển khai chính sách lưu lượng truyền dựa trên sự nhận dạng tài khoản người dùng hoặc xác định thiết bị.

Effective relative position detection for multicasting of alert messages

This information can be shared with other nodes in the network and is central requirement for VANET application like navigation, intelligent transportation, collision avoidance and location based services. In case of emergency all the vehicles in the network are not affected so broadcasting of alert packet is not feasible rather multicasting of alert packet should be done, but defining the list of node to be considered for multicasting is a challenging task as every vehicle cannot hold the location information of all the vehicles in the network.

A robust video watermarking scheme in DWT domain using selective row extraction

In this paper, a very efficient and secure watermarking is proposed for protecting the video from unauthorized person. In proposed method three rows from each frames are selected randomly and form the new frame in which the watermark is embedded in the DWT domain. After embedding the watermark all the rows of the frames are placed in their position in the respective frames to get the watermarked video.

A survey paper on detection of gray - hole attack in manet

Denial–Of-Service (DOS) attacks are detected on network layer which are namely as gray hole attack, black hole attack and worm hole attack. We have surveyed research papers based on detection of gray hole attack in MANET. This survey paper analyze the gray hole attack detection technique on AODV routing protocol.

Agent based intrusion detection technique for wireless network

An intrusion detection system (IDS) generally detects unwanted manipulations of computer systems, mainly through the Internet. (IDS), as a new defensive-security layer to the WSNs' security infrastructure; which it can detects unsafe activities and unauthorized access.

A survey on malicious nodes in mobile ad hoc network

The existing intrusion detection system has gives more network overhead to MANET. Here, we analyze and find a new efficient intrusion detection system Hybrid Cryptography Technique (BECDH) for reducing network overhead and enhance the security level of MANET.

Information security policy

A company's security policy may include an acceptable use policy, a description of how the company plans to educate its employees about protecting the company's assets, an explanation of how security measurements will be carried out and enforced, and a procedure for evaluating the effectiveness of the security policy to ensure that necessary corrections will be made.

Emerging trends of cyber security in segregating approach

Though there is no technical definition by any statutory body for Cybercrime, it is broadly defined by the Computer Crime Research Centre as - “Crimes committed on the internet using the computer either as a tool or a targeted victim. Cybercrime could also include non-monetary offenses, such as creating and distributing small or large programs written by programmers called viruses on other computers or posting confidential business information on the Internet.

Secure access policy schema using multiple cloud authorities

In this project, we propose a novel heterogeneous framework to remove the problem of single-point performance bottleneck and provide a more efficient access control scheme with an auditing mechanism.

Secure cloud data storage with efficient key exposure

In this paper, we leverage multi-cloud storage systems to provide data confidentiality against an adversary which has access to the encryption key, and can compromise a large fraction of the storage servers. For this purpose, we first introduce a novel security definition that captures data confidentiality in the new adversarial model.

Secured clone detection using witness head selection to avoid malicious nodes in WSN

The RSA algorithm is used to secure data packets are transmit from source node to sink node by powerful clone attack, which can be eliminated by the malicious nodes. The proposed protocol can achieve high clone detection probability using randomly selected trustful witnesses and with larger network lifetime, by effectively distributing the traffic load across the network.

An estimating routing technique for node mobility and route validity using manet

Communication through wireless links among mobile hosts in their Antennas. Manet if often susceptible to security attacks due to its features of Physical security, Mobility modules, Lack of centralized monitoring and organization points.

Distributed security system for mobile ad hoc computer networks

This paper describes the different types of attacks that are very common i.e. the Distributed Denial of Service attack, the Blackhole attack and the Wormhole attack, also provide the mechanism to detect these attacks using the different techniques and the relative comparison between these three attacks.

Đề xuất một số biện pháp phòng chống phương thức tấn công Clickjacking

Bài viết đề xuất một số biện pháp phòng chống phương thức lừa đảo trực tuyến (phishing) rất phổ biến, đó là phương thức tấn công Clickjacking. Đây là dạng tấn công mà khi sử dụng trình duyệt để truy cập các ứng dụng, nạn nhân bị lừa truy cập và thao tác trên các trang web giả mạo do hacker tạo ra. Những trang web này thường được núp dưới vỏ bọc của một trang web an toàn.

UEBSK: Unique energy-based stability andkeying for instant warning systems

The UEBSK framework consists of two efficient methods (UEBSK-I and UEBSK-II), each of which is highest possible for different conditions. We also show that our framework performs better than other identical schemes in the fictional performs with an overall 60%−100% improvement in energy advantages without the rumours of a effective medium access management (MAC) aspect.

Improving security for smart grid with multilayer consensus ECC based pake protocol (SGMCEP)

The paper aims in providing a securely communicating of data between the devices which are nothing but appliance of Home Area Network (HAN) by a set of controller outside the HAN. The packets generated by the controller should be delivered fast without any interruption. The role of an HAN controller is like a gateway, whose role is to filter the incoming packet. Due to this HAN controller, the data in the packets should not be modified & it should not cause any delay in encryption & decryption of the packets.

Study of emerging trends of cyber attacks in Indian cyber space & their countermeasures

As a result, targeted attacks have become a priority threat. In this paper we examine the different stages that are involved in a targeted attack from the reconnaissance phase through to the data exfiltration phase and will explore trends in the tools, tactics and procedures used in such attacks and will conclude with a high-level examination of mitigation strategies.

Home security robot

The project is aimed at creating a simple humanoid for multiple purposes although, mainly concentrating on surveillance. It can move, talk, answer questions and recognize faces. It uses a raspberry pi for its working. Using its camera it can capture pictures and record videos.

Securing the sip communications with XML security mechanisms in VoIP application awareness

The intelligent network is a basis to establish and commercialize the services by the telecommunication network. Selling services and information by a network does not define solely a considerable increase of the sum of the information flowing by the network, but also a question of confidentiality and integrity. These papers discuss and proposes a methods based on the integration of signaling protocol SIP on IN for realize a procedure of client authentication and data confidentiality.

Proposing a new model to improve alert detection in intrusion detection systems

In this article, a method has been presented in which the above mentioned shortcoming will be reduced by semantic expansion of alerts’ information. We will show that semantic expansion of alerts’ information based on background knowledge before clustering step leads to a much better clustering. DARPA dataset is used to evaluate the proposed method. Alerts’ detection rate will be more than 96%, which is better than similar approaches.

A prototype multiview approach for reduction of false alarm rate in network intrusion detection system

This system clearly analyzed both destination feature data set and source data set. After so many experiments, we are able to achieve 97% reduction of false alarm rate which significantly improves the efficiency.

Hybrid invasive weed optimization algorithm with chicken swarm optimization algorithm to solve global optimization problems

In this paper, a new hybrid algorithm was proposed to solve the global optimization problems that combine the invasive weed optimization algorithm with the chicken swarm optimization algorithm. The invasive weed optimization (IWO) algorithm is a stochastic algorithm inspired by the colonial behavior of weeds that was first proposed in 2006 by Mehrabian and Lucas.

Security issues in protocols of TCP/IP model at layers level

The paper defines the functionality of each layer in TCP/IP model within the popular protocol for each. Then it investigates each protocol attack by covering their purposes and how they work. Overall, the objective of this research is to conclude which layer and protocol have become the biggest issues in TCP/IP layers.

A-multi perspective and multi level analysis framework in network security situational awareness

Network Security Situation Awareness (NSSA) knowledge has been comprehensively studied in multi-data analyzing research these years. NSSA is a conception pertinent to assessing and showing the global and comprehensive situation of network security, so it requires people to collect all kinds of data and analysis for as many dimensions as possible in order to reflect the macroscopic pictures.

Cần thay đổi giải pháp bảo mật thông tin trong kỷ nguyên số

Trong kỷ nguyên Internet kết nối vạn vật (IoT), tình hình an ninh thông tin có nhiều diễn biến phức tạp, với nhiều cuộc tấn công mạng quy mô lớn. Vấn đề an toàn, an ninh mạng đang dần mang thêm màu sắc chính trị, với sự gia tăng theo cấp số nhân của các mối đe dọa về mất an toàn thông tin, khiến các hệ thống bảo mật truyền thống không thể đáp ứng kịp. Vì vậy, sự thay đổi về giải pháp bảo mật thông tin trong tương lai là hết sức cần thiết.

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 2

Nối tiếp phần 1 của giáo trình "An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu" phần 2 tiếp tục trình bày các nội dung chính sau: Các thuật toán cơ bản trong mật mã khóa công khai bao gồm các các hệ mật RSA, MerkleHellman, Rabin, ElGamal, hệ mật trên đường cong Elliptic và hệ mật McEliece, hàm băm và chữ ký số, các ứng dụng trong việc xác thực và đảm bảo tính toàn vẹn của dữ liệu. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 1

Giáo trình An toàn bảo mật dữ liệu: Phần 1 trình bày một số khái niệm, định nghĩa cơ bản và cơ sở lý thuyết thông tin áp dụng cho các hệ mật mã khóa bí mật, các thuật toán mật mã khóa bí mật bao gồm các thuật toán hoán vị, thay thế và các thuật toán kết hợp mà chủ yếu là DES và AES. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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